The next step: VIUS Headless Guitar

VIUS - The ergonomic guitar

VIUS is a piece of art that was designed in response to the demands of today‘s players: Less weight, better ergonomics, outrageous tone and aesthetic looks.The body shape was specially designed with ergonomics in mind. This ergonomic design is curved for comfort and maximum playability.  
The three-dimensional contoured body of Vius is made from finest European Alder and shaped to comfortably fit the shape of a player‘s body. Overall weight: 2.7 kg/5.9 lbs.

Custom manufactured carbon neck

The one-piece moulded neck is custom manufactured by Moses Carbon Graphite USA. It is made of ultra rigid composite material and bolt-on to the Body.
The MOSES HP Series Headpiece insets and protects the headpiece-end string ball/anchor of double-ball end strings.
Allows for easily snipping single ball-end strings to length, while successfully protecting gig bags and flesh from the open wire end.


Bolt-on to the body
Made of ultra rigid composite material
Headpiece: Accepts both regular strings (clamped down by grub screws) and double ball-end strings       
Nut:  Graphtech TUSQ
Scale: 25 1/2″ scale
Frets: 22


The totally modern Lace Alumitone pickups produce a sparkling, high-fidelity and noisefree tone. This radical departure from electric guitar pickup design is aluminum based, rather than copper. Volume and tone controls with „orange drop“ capacitors. All models feature a three-way pickup selection switch and come with CTS pots and a heavy duty instrument jack. 


ABM Headless Guitar Tuner Set.
A High-End product milled from solid Bell Brass, customized for permitting entry to a standard allen key.